Meaning of risks…


Successful and unsuccessful people, both take risks.But there is a difference between the risks which they take.
                    Successful people take calculated risks and unsuccessful people take uncalculated risks.There is a vast difference between these two risks.
                     Uncalculated risks can be classified into the nonsense group.For example, if you imitate a cartoon and jump from a hill with a pair of pants believing that you will have a safe landing.Your chances of remaining alive is 0 percent.Such type of risks are called uncalculated risks.
                     Calculated risks are those which are sensible.Like if we continue the above example, then you would jump from the hill with a parachute and have a safe landing.Now your chances of surviving are as good as 100 percent.
                  I think I’ve explained the difference between calculated and uncalculated risks in detail and I wish that you take calculated risks in future.


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