Dear Diary!


22 July                               20:00
I was going upstairs in my school with a lot of tension when I saw a squad of little children passing by me.  All the children were like balloons of joy! One of those children was a girl that had a bright smile on her face. Her smile was just a carbon copy of the smile of sunflowers that we see in cartoons ,a big smile. I would say her face was like the smiley emoji of whatsapp. What do these characteristics reveal about her? She was happy!  I wondered, we both had two legs, two arms, one head and all the other things same. Then what was the special thing she had which I do not have, because of which she was happy and I was not. I went on searching answers for it…I got the answer! I got the point of difference !The girl did not have any worry of  future…she was present  physically as well as mentally .And on the other hand, I was thinking all the time about my future all the time. Now when I had pointed out the difference, it was the time to solve it. The antidote of this poison was made a long back ago by Steve Jobs. The antidote was not in the physical form but in the form of words….The words were, ” What would I do if today would be the last day of my life?” ..He did not say this for one day, he said this every day. So did I . Now there was no place for the worry of future as everyday was the last day of my life!    




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