An inspirational CUCKOO!


Suddenly a question rose in my mind. For what should a man work? Is it the reward for what we should work or is it something else? I got the answer to this question on my neighbour’s terrace! It was five o’clock in the morning when I saw a cuckoo singing on my neighbour’s terrace. Her voice melted my heart. But there was nothing special till here. The special thing was that there was no grains for the cuckoo as there would be usually everyday! Then why was the cuckoo singing. Obviously that song was not for the grains as the grains were not there! Then why was she singing? She was singing to express herself! There was no other reason than this. This clearly proves that singing was her passion. She does not care whether today she will get the grains or not! She sang to express herself and not for a couple of grains! SINGING WAS HER PASSION…!!!
Imagine how our lives will be if we follow the same mantra……….



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